Vulnerability Assessment

An External Vulnerability Assessment is a process of evaluating security vulnerability of your perimeter devices exposed to internet. Powered by SISA Cloud Testing Environment, SISA Secure Scan®, SISA’s vulnerability assessment solution offers fast, non-intrusive and comprehensive ASV scans. SISA SecureScan® help organizations around the world meet requirement 11.2.2 of PCI DSS. Addition to identifying vulnerabilities SISA Secure Scan® offers prioritised risk driven remediation plan facilitating the customer to mitigate identified vulnerabilities and to attain full PCI compliance. As a PCI Approved Scanning Vendor (PCI ASV) and a CERT INDIA empanelled organization, SISA has driven more than 108 major External VA projects with SISA SecureScan®. 

The SISA Edge


CERT Empanelled and PCI ASV: SISA is both a PCI approved scanning vendor (PCI ASV) and a CERT INDIA Empanelled organization.