PCI Compliance | PCI QSA | PCI Certification

PCI DSS Compliance is known for being one of the most granular and specific security standards in the market today. Addressing every domain of information security except BCP, PCI DSS aims to secure credit and debit card related information. It achieves this by a set 6 goals, broken into 12 requirements and more than 300 sub-requirements to be implemented within the cardholder data environment.

With a large number of organizations and people taking their money online, PCI compliance reinforces the trust that your customers have in your network and technology infrastructure.

PCI Compliance with SISA

We are in Payments security space for more than a decade and we have worked with more than 1000 organizations on their PCI Compliance program. We can help you in achieving your PCI Certification in a time defined manner without compromising on security.

PCI Certification

SISA is a PCI Qualified Security Assessor (PCI QSA) since 2006. Our expertise across a variety of sectors such as banking, retail, e-commerce, healthcare, insurance, IT and ITES, etc. goes a long way in providing cutting edge PCI Compliance onsite assessment services to our customers. Be it a Level 1 or Level 4 customer, SISA’s PCI DSS compliance audits are known for being effective, precise and thorough.

PCI SAQ Program

The Self - Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) is a measure to determine an organization’s current posture against the PCI SAQ must be completed by Merchants (Levels 2 through 4) and service providers. SISA’s Facilitated SAQ program helps organizations achieve PCI SAQ compliance in a seamless manner. We help you optimize your scope, implement controls to pass each required control and document the required evidence in the correct format.

PCI Risk Assessment

One of the requirements of PCI Compliance is to have a formal risk assessment which should cover identifying and mitigating all risks and vulnerabilities for primary and secondary assets in PCI Scoped environment. A formal risk assessment, when done right, helps an organization realize several benefits. In the context of a PCI DSS compliance program, these include

·         Scope reduction

·      Comprehensive identification and prioritization of your assets in terms of their interaction with cardholder data.

·         Cognizance of various threat vectors and risk scenarios facing your environment and

·         The ability to make informed decisions on managing these risks.

SISA is a pioneer and a strong advocate of formal security risk assessments and has led many initiatives within the security industry on its correct implementation. We work with organizations of all types and sizes and help them realize the benefits of formal risk assessment.


SISA is a PCI Approved Scanning Vendor (PCI ASV). Our Technical Security Services team renders a plethora of services within the areas of Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing. Our services incorporate simple, fast and cost effective solutions that accelerate your PCI compliance, include round the clock monitoring of your technology infrastructure for vulnerabilities and scheduled quarterly VA scans.

SISA’s Penetration Testing exercises use state of the art tools to attempt to break into your network from a hacker’s perspective. Our methods stimulate the most advanced hacking techniques out there today.

Our VA-PT clients include ecommerce vendors with Internet payment applications, banks, IT and ITES providers, etc.

PCI Training – CPISI

SISA provides expert training services in PCI DSS knowledge and implementation. We have trained over 3000 professionals across the globe on PCI DSS. Our PCI training workshops are known for being more hands-on oriented than theoretical. Our participants have ranked SISA’s trainers highly both for the industry experience and the knowledge transfer expertise that they bring to the table.

SISA’s PCI training workshops conclude with a test, the successful completion of which leads to the Certified Payment Industry Security Implementer certification (CPISI).

SISA-RA – PCI Risk Assessment tool

SISA’s flagship product, SISA-RA helps you in automating your PCI Compliance program and making compliance a business as usual process. The PCI risk assessment tool automates PCI Risk Assessment with a simple 5 step approach. SISA-RA does formal risk assessment using globally recognized methodologies (ISO 27005, OCTAVE and NIST SP 800-30). SISA-RA reports meet full compliance with PCI DSS. Sign up for free.