Security Managers report up to 80% time and effort saved with SISA-RA

SISA-Risk AssessmentResults of multiple surveys have shown that there is one competent security professional for every three jobs that are available today. Coupled with rising HR costs, it not unusual to see security managers struggling to catch up with their day-to-day work. The other alternative is heavy duty GRC tools that cost millions of dollars in cost, take months to implement (if not years), require extensive training and still have very few success stories.

SISA-RA is helping hundreds of organizations overcome this problem by acting as an able assistant to their security managers.

Who is using SISA Risk Assessment?

How does SISA-RA help you?

Focus on what matters and leave the mundane tasks to SISA-RA

SISA-RA is a focused tool to automate all activities that organizations implement along their compliance and security road map. As a security manager, you get to leave the mundane tasks to your SISA-RA tool, i.e. tasks like assigning control implementation, managing evidences, following up action items till closure, scheduling periodic compliance activities, generation of reports, etc. With up to 80% of your time now freed up, use it for more critical activities such as deciding upon the best controls, forming strategies, dealing with critical risks, etc.

'Zero' Deployment time

As a SaaS tool, SISA-RA lets you start your risk and compliance management tasks right before you can spell S.I.S.A. It only takes a few seconds to activate a SISA-RA account. Besides, the tool is based on a simple step-wise approach, allowing someone with a basic knowledge of information security to quickly graduate to User Level: Ace

User-centered design

SISA-RA was created keeping the novice user in mind. Even the most challenging aspects of a formal risk assessment are broken down and completed in a simplified and yet comprehensive and credible way. SISA-RA has a built in standard data which auto populates the fields based on the initial entries made by the user. Standard data is updated on a monthly basis to ensure the data is up-to-date with the changing trends in information security field.

What people say about SISA Risk Assessment?

  • SISA-RA is a real time saver with its easy to use interface and simple step-by-step approach. With the help of its standard data I have been able to save considerable time on my compliance and risk assessments. --BookmyShow

Increase your security team’s productivity by using SISA-RA