SISA-RA provides you a single platform in managing your organizations security and risk related activities

Risk Assessment

Information security risk assessment is the first step in protecting an organization's information system. Driven by a changing regulatory and compliance landscape, formal risk assessment has become imperative in effective security management. With SISA-RA, your organization will have a smarter way to risk assessment- one that addresses the unique challenges you have been facing in risk assessment, besides providing you with a simple and cost-effective solution to managing your information risks.

Improves credibility of risk assessments (as it subscribes to formal risk assessment methodologies such as NIST, OCTAVE and ISO 27005)

Do risk assessment of any type – PCI, ISO 27001, HIPAA, FFIEC, SSAE 16, application security, mobile security, or just a standard risk assessment

Generate with 80% accurate risk assessment in less than 5 minutes using Standard database of assets, risk scenarios, threats, vulnerabilities and risk mitigation

Reports that adheres to various compliance requirements such as PCI DSS guidance document, ISO 27001, HIPAA risk analysis requirement, FFIEC, etc.

Action Management

Action management module provides a single platform to create, assign, review and close all risk and compliance management activities. This platform, with its simple UI and workflow, is helping our users close their risk management activities up to 40% faster than other task manager applications.

Integrates with risk assessment, compliance management and data discovery and helps you manage and track your security remediation at one place

No need to search in your mail boxes for tasks or evidences. Just assign tasks and track items till closure with evidences and comments at each stage of the workflow

Gives you a snapshot of all the security and compliance activities carried out in your organization and their current status

E-mail triggers are automated so when action items get updated so you are informed

Document Management

Compliance audits are arguably seen as the worst period in a security manager's calendar. The best way to simplify your audit process is to make your auditor’s job easier by having the required documents handy during your audit. Document not available on time equals evasion and all your efforts go in vain. Document Management from SISA-RA eases the pressure of audits by effective management of policies and procedures documents.

No need to run through multiple places for policies and procedures or evidences. Have it all in one central repository so that is accessible right when you want them

Integrated with Risk Assessment and Compliance Management modules so that it saves you from downloading and uploading files

Manage the entire approval workflow within the tool. So now you can upload, review and approve documents using SISA-RA

No need to worry about losing earlier versions with inbuilt version control on SISA-RA

Manage your Risks Assessments using SISA-RA